Naomy Quiñones


I'm an Art Director, Visual Artist and Intersectional Thinker

My StorY

My journey started in 2002, when I entered Central School of Visual Arts. After graduating with honors in Multimedia Design, I partnered with make-up artist and stylist Aisha Naomi and created a talent agency - Nao Nao Group.

What started as a fun, small business venture quickly became a force within the content production industry on the island, gaining the trust from local and international clients such as Agatha Ruíz de la Prada, Modelos Única, Elite Model Look, Model Latina (Nuvo TV), and Ego TV (Wapa America).

After finishing a BA in Art History, I gifted the company in 2013 to my associate after winning a scholarship at the Cinema and Audiovisual School of Catalonia in Spain (ESCAC). I opted to continue my professional development through graduate coursework in Philosophy, Cultural Management and Publicity.

After years of freelancing, I decide to explore a more formal agency environment and began working as an in-house Creative Director at North Coast Marketing; merging my artistic sensibility with a more data-based approach to communications management.

Currently I am looking for a job opportunity within the private sector, especially for an in-house position. I believe my unique blend of pragmatic creativity, in-depth analysis and entrepreneurship make me a valuable addition to any Creative or Marketing team.

Selected clients & Publications